10 Man Cum Slam 16

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Language English
Length about 2 Hours

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  • Features

    Sex Menu - Go Direct to Your Favorite Parts, Animated Chapter Index, Playable Worldwide, Bloopers, Starlet Bios, Sneak Previews

  • Description

    Latin women are natural born suck sluts. Look at the trio in this movie. Luscious is Mexican, Cherrie is Cuban, and Tia is Puerto Rican. Bottom line: none of them ever met a cock she didn't like. And with Latin girls, swallowing is a given. The problem with them is they're so overly fertile, you can't spill a drop of your seed anywhere near their pussy or you'll be a papi in nine months. That's why these girls are perfect for a 10 Man Cum Slam. Dump all that sperm safely into these girls' bellies, where it can't do any damage. No fuss, no muss! Ole!!

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