Mother Exchange 8

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UPC 126941106523 Availability In Stock Release Date 12/2/2019
Studio Sweet Sinner
Language English
Length about 90 Minutes

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  • Features

    DVD Player Compatible, DVD-Rom Compatible, No Regional Coding, Playable Worldwide

  • Description

    Lex publishes a blog he claims is fiction about two best friends who fuck each other?s mom. When his real-life best friend, Brandon, reads the story he assumes it is based on fact. He confronts Lex. The story hits a little too close to home to be complete fiction. Lex swears he never fucked Brandon?s mom, but Brandon can?t get the image of his best friend and his mother hooking up out of his mind. Brandon is so disturbed he hatches a plan to get revenge. He will seduce Lex?s mom.

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