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UPC 895152110086 Availability Out of stock Release Date 12/8/2023
Studio Pure Taboo
Language English
Length about 90 Minutes

   $ 18.99   
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    DVD Player Compatible, DVD-Rom Compatible, No Regional Coding, Playable Worldwide

  • Description

    Emily nervously enters the office of a youth shelter worker, Donna. It's soon revealed that Emily is pregnant but unsure if she will keep it, given that she's living on the streets. While Donna is caring throughout the conversation, she admits that she and her husband, Alex, are trying to adopt but are running into obstacles. That's when Donna offers to take care of Emily at home - all expenses paid - throughout her pregnancy... as long as Emily agrees to let THEM become the new parents. A school counselor, Mr. Russell, invites two students, Lily and Emma, who dislike each other, to his house for an intervention. Even as Lily and Emma walk together up to the front steps, all they do is heckle each other, showing how much they can't stand each other. Mr. Russell tells them that he thinks the cause of their anger towards each other is underlying sexual tension! Emma and Lily are shocked, but if THIS is what it'll take to end the animosity between them...

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